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Students who live inside a story that tells them they are “dumb”, “losers,” “troublemakers,” “kids with no future,” are students who face daunting internal obstacles to learning that often reflect their external circumstances of being victims of poverty, racism, struggling minority status or trauma. Emphasizing better grades or offering extra tutoring does not address the underlying cause of their failure to achieve because it does not address their fundamental lack of self-belief.

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AmeriCorps members focus on Social-Emotional learning because research indicates students exposed to SEL score on average 11 points more in academic achievement


They have better pro-social behavior and fewer emotional and classroom control problems. They also experience education as an investment in their future, rather than a disconnected sequence of semesters.


Pajares and Schunk of Emory/Purdue Universities write “many students have difficulty in school not because they are incapable of performing successfully but because they are incapable of believing that they can perform successfully.”


Through a narrative process called MYSCORE, members encourage these struggling students to commit to behaviors that contradict their internal narrative of “Always struggling-Always failing.” AmeriCorps members receive training to be “audiences of witness” to amplify the students’ sense of possibility over the problem. Members invest time in students to help them become 5C learners. If students can learn to believe in their capacity to learn, Project CHANGE believes that this will increase their chances of success. Members deliver this innovative SEL curriculum of self-development focused on what the student needs to learn or unlearn about themselves to be more open to what school offers.

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Principles Behind MyScore

What Assumptions is MyScore based on?   The Inner story we tell ourselves about who we are and what we are capable of becoming radically shapes the way we behave, react and perform. The theory of change believes that performance is built on the platform of...

MCPS last measured HOPE in 2013- Gallup Survey

By Lynh Bui July 17, 2013 When Montgomery County students return to school next month, they will take a poll asking whether they “energetically pursue goals,” “laughed or smiled a lot yesterday” and “have a best friend at school.”The questions — intended to measure...


Evidence available through CASEL, (https://casel.org/building-grit-inthe-classroom-and-howto-measure-it/) highlights that education is failing to equip children with basic life skills. Their recent report states”40% of students are “chronically disengaged” and only 29% describe their school as a caring and encouraging environment.
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Members work directly with MCPS K-12 students, within the neediest schools and in recognized after-school programs from communities that have the highest concentration of students living in poverty, students who have missed significant portions of their schooling, students who have at some point in their lives qualified for FARMS, or students who are learning English as a second language. Research shows that these students are more likely to develop problem-saturated stories, internalize a negative self-image, and lack any sense of agency in creating their own future. Members serve to change that story.

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