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Here you will find the latest research and updates that MYSCORE is paying attention to in support of SEL learning for our students and to ensure that we are up to date with the most recent findings.

Everyone is Talking about the kids, no one is talking to the kids

Office of Student and Family Support and Engagement - Montgomery County  Public Schools, MD

A former Superintendent of my local school district was such a big fan of evidence and transparency that he insisted that every school share a public report Card. Go on to the school web site and you will see all the data, the graduation rate, the number of FARMS kids, the latest survey of the parents and their assessment of the school, how the teachers feel about the kids and about its leadership. It is all very impressive until you realize that that there is one essential piece of data missing. No one is asking the students how they feel, about life, about the school, and about themselves! 

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The 8 Assumptions Behind the MyScore Instrument 

  1. The Inner story we tell ourselves about who we are and what we are capable of becoming radically shapes the way we behave, react and perform.
  2. The theory of change believes that performance is built on the platform of perception. If I do not believe in myself, how can I become a successful life learner? You cannot change performance without also changing self-perception. They are inextricably tied.

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A recent video Project CHANGE shared with members to share with their students about the importance of breathing and slowing down.


Image result for getting an F in lifeIf someone else is telling the student how successful they are or how unsuccessful, based on external assessments based on tests, and observations and exams, then what kind of story is being created about the student as a learner? Read More



Study: Majority of students’ feelings about high school are negative

Dive Brief:

  • High school students experience mostly negative emotions toward school, with feeling tired among their biggest complaints, according to a new nationwide study by Yale University’s Center for Emotional Intelligence and Child Study Center.
  • Stress and boredom were also among the top reasons students felt negative toward school, according to the survey of 21,678 U.S. students.  
  • But high school students also commonly experience positive feelings of happiness and excitement, though those were reported in much smaller percentages, and the researchers said neither of those feelings are linked to learning or achievement. Read More 
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